Premium Pea Fiber Tofu Cat Litter - Original

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Dr.Meows produces Tofu Cat Litter crafted from Canadian twin tower pea fiber, renowned for its exceptional quality. While pea fiber costs more than conventional soybean fiber, the resulting cat litter boasts superior performance. Our unique formula offers excellent moisture absorption, mold resistance, and odor management. 

Product Features: 

  • Raw materials: Food-grade ingredients, SGS certified.
  • 99.9% Dust free: Avoid breathing in and clean the room.
  • Eco-Friendly: Chemical-free to avoid harm to the environment
  • Flushable: Advanced formula for quick absorption. Easy to scoop and flush toilet
  • Non-Toxic and 100% safe: Naturally non-toxic and safe for both humans and pets
  • No Tracking: Less mess and paw-friendly.
  • Soft and Gentle on Paws: It feels soft and natural on cats' paws.

Packaging Specs:

  • 2.5KG/5.5LB Per Bag
  • Vacuum Packaging
  • 6 Bags Per Box
Size: 1 Box (2.5KG/5.5LB*6)

Customer Reviews

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Hi Eroder
It is perfect!

The quality of this cat litter is exceptional, and it forms clumps quickly.

Jessica Sun
Nice service with fair price.

Nice service with fair price.

cc c
Good quality and cheap price

Dr Meows provides excellent quality and is an affordable option that offers high value.